Get the facts

This November, the residents of Miami–Dade County have an opportunity to help give our children and future generations one of the greatest gifts that any parent can give their child – a world-class education in their own backyard.

Fact #1

Affordable and accessible educational opportunities for our children.

FIU’s increased capacity will help provide a world-class college education to a greater number of young men and women in Miami-Dade.

Fact #2

Absolutely no increase in local property taxes.

The expansion will be financed by FIU without affecting taxpayers or student tuition.

Fact #3

More doctors and other professionals to serve local residents.

As one of the state’s leading graduate schools, the expansion will allow FIU to produce more doctors, architects, accountants, engineers and business leaders who will benefit our local economy.

Fact #4

$1.8 Billion in economic impact and job growth

The expansion will result in an immediate economic impact of $1.8 Billion, stemming from the $900 Million investment in new construction and an additional annual recurring economic impact of $541 Million to our community, above the $8.9 Billion FIU already provides.



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